Congratulations on your decision to marry!
May God bless you and assist you to love each other as Jesus loves his bride, the Church.

The following policies have been adopted to ensure optimal satisfaction for everyone. More details are available when you book. Bookings cannot be completed online. Please call the parish office during business hours: (03) 9328 3474.

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Fr Anthony Bernal, our Parish Priest, and Fr Gerry Gehringer, Assistant Priest, are available for most weddings at St Mary’s.  

You are also welcome to invite a Catholic priest or deacon personally known to you. Please advise the parish office of the celebrant’s details at the time of booking.

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Wedding time 

  • 12:30pm
  • 2:00pm
  • 3:30pm
  • 1:30pm
  • 3:00pm
Weddings can also be celebrated during the week, in which case times are negotiable.



  • Full birth certificate, not an extract (if born overseas, a passport from your country of birth is also acceptable)
  • Certificate of baptism (for Catholics and other Christians)
  • Freedom to marry form from local priest (for Catholics)
  • Evidence of dissolution/nullity (for the civilly divorced)
  • Photo ID (Australian drivers' license/passport)


A marriage preparation program is an integral part of preparing for your wedding. The Archdiocese of Melbourne requires every wedding couple to complete a certified preparation course before a Catholic priest or deacon may witness their marriage.

If your celebrant is a priest from St Mary’s, then we will provide the preparation course – three sessions with the priest (sacramental preparation) and two group sessions with a married couple (practical preparation). 
  • The first two sessions with the priest cover the sacramental and moral aspects of marriage, the signing of civil registration papers and a preliminary look at the ceremony.
  • The third session is the wedding rehearsal.
  • The two group sessions with a married couple cover interpersonal relationships (eg. communication, finances and raising children).
Appointments for the preparation course are usually arranged about six months before the wedding. All documentation must be received before any appointments are made.

If your celebrant is a visiting priest or deacon, then you need to return your paperwork to him and arrange a marriage preparation course with him. You may still book into our group sessions with a married couple at no extra cost – just ring the parish office to arrange this. Also phone the office to book the church for your wedding rehearsal. This is usually held in the week leading up to the wedding. It is advisable to organise your rehearsal time well in advance.

For more information about the shared sessions with a married couple, view our Transformed In Love course overview.


All music is to be arranged through the Sacred Music Centre. The Wedding Music Form must be completed and returned to the parish office as soon as possible after booking the church and before your first preparation meeting with the priest.

Music played at weddings must respect the sacred environment and the religious nature of a church wedding. St Mary’s promotes live music. Please contact the Sacred Music Centre for full details about our wedding music policy.

Your music options are outlined in our Wedding Music information booklet. Contact Dr Andrew Mariotti at or call the parish office on 03 9328 3474.


$2,700 (includes $700 booking fee & donation towards restoration of the church). The church payment provides:
  • use of the church for one and a half hours
  • celebrant’s fee and marriage preparation course
  • flowers and pew bows
If you elect to arrange your own priest or deacon, the final payment to St Mary’s is reduced by $300. However, you will need to pay your celebrant separately.

The final payment must be made to St Mary’s at least one month before the wedding.

Payments Options:
  • Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Cheque/Cash (during office hours)
  • Electronic Transfer
EFT: St Mary’s West Melbourne Church Account
BSB: 083 347
Acc: 643 961 382

Subject to availability of the church, a wedding can be transferred to another date and time.

If you wish to cancel your wedding, please note that there is a cancellation fee, irrespective of when the wedding might be cancelled.

On your
Wedding Day

ARRIVAL TIME. It is a matter of courtesy to your guests and to other couples being married on the same day that your wedding begins and ends as scheduled. Brides are expected to respect the rights of the next couple by arriving on time. 

CONFETTI/RICE/ROSE PETALS. Like most churches today, we do not permit the throwing of confetti, rice, or rose petals in the church grounds or on surrounding property. We appreciate your support in keeping our Church and environment clean for everyone.

FLOWERS AND PEW RIBBONS. Flowers and pew ribbons are supplied in the church as part of the fee.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO. It is acceptable to photograph and/or video your ceremony as long as this is done in a respectful manner, and you are most welcome to use the front grounds of the church and presbytery for photographs after your wedding. However, if the next wedding party arrives, please allow easy access to the entrance of the church.

WEDDING GUESTS AND CARS. Please encourage your guests to use the street parking around our church, thus making it safer for human traffic. Wedding cars must enter via Howard Street.
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